Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On The Road - A Personal Post

Some of you may know that I am part of Orthodox Christian Network. I am the Development Director for this SCOBA agency, and we are traveling to Nashville, TN tomorrow to represent the ministry at the GOA Clergy/Laity Congress to be held there July 16th through the 21st.

My wife, Connie, and I will be going first the Greenville, SC so I can drop her off at her dad's house. She's 29 weeks pregnant and I didn't want her to be by herself while I'm away on business. Plus she wants to attend a baby shower her relatives are having for her there.

After the Congress, we will visit my home town of Atlanta. While there I hope to visit with my godsons and some other dear friends and family members. I will also have an important meeting with His Eminence, Metropolitan ALEXIOS, about my future in ministry in the Orthodox Church. Your prayers for this meeting would be appreciated.

We'll be back in South Florida around the 26th, and when we come back, we'll be busy getting ready to move to another apartment in the area with a bit more room for our happy new addition coming at the end of September.

Life is filled with change, dear ones. There was a time when I longed for life to "slow down" and "get settled." There is no such place if your heart hungers for spiritual maturity and "theosis." If that is truly your heart's desire, then change IS normal. So, now I pray that I will be patient enough and wise enough to see the opportunities for positive transformation in every challenge.

It is only then that one can receive all challenges with joy and hope. Otherwise, the constant onslaught of life makes one bitter, resentful, and spiritually small.

I wish I could report to you that I am succeeding in receiving life in this positive and hopeful way, but alas, I fail as often as I succeed.

The Church, in Her wisdom, offers me a path. It is the path of repentance and prayer. It is the path that leads to humility and "sober joy."

After I return form the trip, I'll give you an update, and I will return to the subject of repentance.

Much love, dear ones.

Pray for this fool.


seth said...

will you be atl the weekend of the 21st? just so you know, there's a wedding on the 23rd for daniel williamson. but i def. want to see you and connie. tell me what days you'll be looking at.

Seraphim said...

If you have some spare time in ATL, drop me a line. Maybe we could have coffee.

Regardless, I hope your journey is a blessed one!

Donovan said...

I wish I had known you were in Nashville! We were in Nashville this weekend too, and looking for something to do!

We made out well enough, with a trip to an old friend's church, another visit with another old friend, and a viewing of "Pirates of the Caribbean."

The church was a sort of post-modern version of the PCA, and I forgot what an experiment it is in symbolic and sensory reduction, and the elevation of the printed and spoken word. It was, in it's own minimal way, a decent time, but how I missed the liturgy!