Sunday, August 24, 2008


(kudos to Orthodixie blog for the You Tube file!)

Here's a bit of a diversion from my normal posts, but having been contemplating the serious, Southern, issue about BBQ, I thought I'd share this with my friends.

Southern BBQ is one of the greatest gifts of Southern culture to the world. Regardless where you might come down on the argument about sauce or no sauce, vinegar, mustard based, or tomato based sauce, or even the appropriateness of Brunswick stew as a necessary side item for the BBQ plate (a slice of white bread, however, is simply non negotiable), a true Southerner understands that BBQ is no trifling matter, but it is a delicacy we are happy to share with the world.

So, on that note, I'm off to my favorite BBQ place i the world - Two Brothers BBQ in Ballground, GA. Oh, wait, I'm stuck in Boston! Dang!

Y'all pray for me!

Barnabas (stuck behind "enemy lines" without my shotgun!)

Friday, August 01, 2008


Well, dear readers, here is the podcast I recently did with Jacob Lee of Icon New Media about my journey to Orthodoxy.

I will be interested ing your reactions.

Please feel free to share this with whomever you feel it might be helpful/interesting.