Friday, August 01, 2008


Well, dear readers, here is the podcast I recently did with Jacob Lee of Icon New Media about my journey to Orthodoxy.

I will be interested ing your reactions.

Please feel free to share this with whomever you feel it might be helpful/interesting.



DebD said...

I enjoyed that very much. It brought back a few memories from my Charismatic/Baptist teen years.

Fr. James Early said...

Loved the interview! I listened to it twice! You have a great story, and you tell it well.

Barnabas Powell said...

Dear Fr. James and Deb,

Thank you both for your kind words and glory to God if He can use this story to introduce other seekers to the fullness of the faith.

The podcast left out a lot of info, but I guess I'm just going to have to break down and write it all out. There is much more I want to say concerning the legitimate spiritual hunger of today's modern man and the well of wisdom preserved in Orthodoxy.

This wisdom would protect these searching souls from so much danger and dead ends.


David Bryan said...

Hi, Barnabas,

Boy, I'd pretty much given up on the blog; not that I blame you, given seminary and all...

I listened to the interview the other day. Man, did I (do I!) relate. Thanks so much for doing that. Whenever Eric (Michael) and I talk, he always mentions "your boy Barnabas." Good to know you're doing well. Thanks be to God.

Barnabas Powell said...

Thanks David. Yeah, I don't get to blog as much as I'd like, but I did want to keep things alive.

Thanks for the note and thanks for listening. Perhaps someone you know would benefit from hearing this story. Don't hesitate to send it to them if you'd like.


David Bryan said...


any reason why I can't update OCN podcasts on iTunes?

Dixie said...

Barnabas, months and months behind now (the story of my life--even late to Orthodoxy!) I FINALLY got around to listening to your podcast this weekend. Your voice is wonderfully Southern and you are most articulate. It was a real treat to listen to your story.

I had no idea your journey started so close to home. I have been to St. Mary's several times. In fact several folks from Athens are parishioners of St. Mary's OCA. I go to their women's retreat every year.

And being in a Greek parish I know several folks who have graduated from Holy Cross...including my priest and presbytera. We have a former OCFer there now. And Father Nicholas Tirantifilou has done several parish retreats for us. Small world! It was almost like listening to a friend talk.

I did hear you touch a bit on the spiritual hunger we experience and the dangers of being in a place that could cause us damage as we seek to have that hunger the point that some forms of worship become like a addiction...attempting to satisfy that hunger but just can't quite do it. That was an excellent assessment. If you do write a book...I'll buy it!

And...I loved how you talked about the members of your former church with such love.

Take care of yourself and my prayers for your successful completion of seminary and profitable service to our Lord.

Hope you'll come visit us at St. Philothea's if you ever find yourself in the area.