Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Bundle of Joy!

Well, dear ones, by God's grace Alexandra Georgia came into His world at 10:36 PM September 22nd, 2006.

She weighed 6.5 lbs and was 19 inches long.

As God has now granted her the grace to see the created light of this world, so now pray she will be granted the grace of Christian baptism and eyes to see the Uncreated Light of God's gracious energies and the Life of the Son.

To have another chance to raise another daughter for the kingdom of God is an awesome responsibility. As weak and prone to sin as I am, I will depend on your holy prayers to have the strength to fulfill this great task. I will stand before God and give an answer for the "church at home" given to me as a "talent" by the Master of the House.

Please pray for Alexandra Georgia, my dear and gracious wife, Connie, and myself as we live out the challenges of life under the mercy.

May paradise consume us.

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seth said...

congrats to both you and connie!!!