Monday, October 16, 2006


We live in a media age!

The ability to create media is abundant. Recently I read an article which stated that when distributioin of media is plentiful, content is king. Today content is now KING.

From regular media outlets - radio, TV, print - to new distribution methods - podcasting, cell phones, MP3's and MP4's, blogs, YouTube, and others - if somebody wants to get a message out, they can.

Media is continually moving from "broadcasting" to "narrowcasting." It truly is "every man doing what is right in his own eyes."

Now comes the timeless message of Orthodox Christianity. In an age where technology is increasingly either creating isolation or worse yet, a false sense of community where community is reduced to being only linguistic or rational, Orthodox Christianity is challenged once again to make the timeless message of faith accessible to the population.

Media is a tool. It is neither good nor bad in itself. So, now the question is how do we use the tools of media to communicate? Should we use these tools?

As someone very committed to using media for the Church, I confess a certian bias, but I don't think it is an unfounded bias. I am convinced that modern communication methods CAN be used effectively on behalf of the Church.

What I do not believe is that these communication tools can be used EXCLUSIVELY by the Church to accomplish the delicate task of making disciples. We will always need to the one-on-one approach to build maturity into a new believer, but we must use media to both introduce and reinforce the message of the Orhtodox faith to new seekers, lapsed faithful, and regular church goers alike.

Using media well for the Church is hard work, but why should this be different than any other valuable spiritual pursuit. This is a narrow path, but a path nonetheless.

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