Thursday, December 07, 2006


As many of you know, I am the development director for Orthodox Christian Network. We produce the weekly radio program Come Receive The Light, and we are about to launch a 24 hour internet radio station called The Ark.

Recently Fr. Chris Metropulos, our host, interviewed Rev. John Fenton, a Lutheran pastor who recently resigned his Lutheran pastorate and is in the process of converting to Orthodoxy.

Rev. Fenton has a blog where he's told his story, and he also has posted the audio excerpts of a radio program from a Lutheran minister who replayed his interview from us on his radio program. Look at the Tuesday, December 5th recordings.

The comments and misconceptions of the radio host about Orthodoxy are obvious to anyone who knows the Orthjodox faith, but I found it interesting anyway.

If you have the time, read Rev. Fenton's story and then take a listen to the audio from KFUO.

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