Tuesday, November 20, 2007


By the way, I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this year!

Connie, little Alexandra, and myself will be flying to Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow to celebrate the holiday with my godson and his wife. We will also get to spend some time with family and friends while we are there.

Please pray for us as we fly on such a busy travel day, and know we are so grateful for your prayers.

Much love to the One for Whom we are most thankful,



Anonymous said...

Dearest Barnabas . . .

Once again, Almighty Google has helped me to find you. I would like to wish you the Happiest of Thanksgivings.

I believe that my old email address for you is now defunct and that you will not have received notice from me regarding a small reunion of your friends (and otherwise) from PD's.

I understand that you are busy, as are many of us, but we have gathered together merely to say "hello" and to do a bit of catching up. This gathering will not be complete until or unless you make an appearance, however brief.

Please give it a bit of consideration . . . if for no other reason than your One True Ear is a persistent SOB and it's very hard to hide from my stalkerish Dark Side when Google just makes it so darned easy!

The email that you have for me from our last correspondence is still valid, or you can respond to this comment, which will automatically email my gmail account.

I trust that you are well, and am sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Your devoted,

kpshorty said...

Hey Daddy. We can't wait to see you Friday!! I will call you and try to give you directions to the Japanese Buffet. Love you!!

Barnabas Powell said...

I can't wait to see you either, sweetie.

Save some sushi for me. It's my favorite after thanksgiving meal!


seth said...

happy thanksgiving barnabas!

hope you, connie, and the little one are doing well!