Monday, May 29, 2006

King of the Hill and the Pew Situation

Well, sometimes popular culture makes your point for you.

A recent King of the Hill TV episode illustrates what happens when well intentioned people and the good intention of reaching people where they are with the Faith, just misses by a mile!

Look at this clip where Hank Hill and his family go looking for a new church to attend.

This is the world I converted from when I entered Orthodoxy.

But the success of these "mega churches" begs the question: Is there ANYTHING we Orthodox can learn from their experience?

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Proserpine said...


I prayed as you asked but I don't know in what your struggle is precisely - so the prayers must be more exciting if I was let to watch their real size.

I also had questions (mightbe you didn't notice)you missed to answer me. They are VERY essential indeed for my so burning burning life.

My Faith is so exact today as it has had never before. Nights, mornings and days are full of so real Absence of that I feel all my beings. How I came to this - I even don't know -