Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pop Goes Religion

Here's the most recent Come Receive The Light program that talks about a new book by Orthodox journalist, Terry Mattingly.


One of my major desires is to see our Orthodox faith tackle American culture, not just to condemn the weaknesses of our culture, but to seek out that which can be "baptized" by the faith and used to draw the average American to the fullness of Orthodoxy.

One point of contact that seems to be a natural connection with Orthodoxy is Southern culture. Being a Southerner, I find so many parallels between the Orthodox mindset and my Southern upbringing. Some of these parallels are good and some of them are weaknesses. I think of the unthinking xenophobia all too common in both cultural expressions as one of the common characteristics of Southern culture and Orthodoxy.

Next post I want to talk about the whole concept of Cradle/Convert in Orthodox Christianity.

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